Ringo Starr Remains ‘Old School’ with New Album

Ringo Starr recently released his Postcards From Paradise album. The project entered the Billboard 200 at the Number 99 position, respectively. “I’m still old school. I like to hang out with musicians and write songs, play them and put out records,” Starr told Billboard magazine. Postcards From Paradise features guest appearances from several musicians including Steve Lukather, Joe Walsh, Richard Marx, Todd Rundgren, Peter Frampton, and Gregg Rolie. Starr explained that he always wanted to assemble a band who could write great records together. “Since the first All-Star Band in 1989, I wanted us all to sit around and write and record songs. I tried with every band and it never worked until now. With this one I lucked out,” the rocker told Billboard

Ringo Starr wrote the song “Island in the Sun” while he was on tour during a routine sound check. “We were sound checking and Gregg Rolie (Carlos Santana and Journey) did a thing that started the ball rolling. I called all the band down to my room and said, ‘let’s write a song,'” Starr explained. He added, “We all listened to it and tossed out ideas. We came back to L.A. after the tour and everybody put their parts down at my little studio in my guesthouse.” 

Starr revealed to Billboard magazine that he has been asked numerous times to write an autobiography, but he doesn’t believe the publishing companies really want a “Ringo Starr” autobiography. “I don’t feel they’re interested in my autobiography, they’re only interested in the eight years I was in The Beatles,” Starr stated. Instead of writing an autobiography, the rocker decided to write snippets of his life on his solo albums. “One track on each [album] is dedicated to memories of the past, and incidents of the past,” Starr told the magazine. 

Even after The Beatles disbanded, Starr continued to work with his bandmates throughout the years. He said that he approached George Harrison with his third solo project because Harrison was so in tuned with the production side of music. Since Starr’s Ringo (1973) album featured Harrison and John Lennon, he called Paul McCartney and said, “Look I’ve got the other two on the album, I want you on it too.” The Ringo album peaked at Number 2 on the Billboard 200, and it sold over one million albums.

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