Rico Love Ft. Usher & Wiz Khalifa: ‘Somebody Else (remix)’ Single Review

It was a done deal the first time this song was done. Rico Love, did total musical justice on this song. Which comes as no surprise, he is one of the most brilliant songwriters in the industry. A man that has written for the incredible Usher Raymond, Ms. Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé and several others should really have no problem holding his own. Rico Love is that man and he holds his own quite impressively on “Somebody Else.” He delivered one of the best performances to ever come from him and now that song has a remix.

How he decided that the first time was not enough justice and brings Usher and Wiz Khalifa on the remix is an interesting surprise. This remix sounds fresh and it makes you forget about the original for a second. The artist selection for the remix was excellent and they prove this further when you listen to how they delivered such immaculate performances. They blend their different styles and potential to put together a song that should have come earlier. It is simply amazing how compatible all these three gentlemen are on this song.

The interesting fact about this song is the relationship between Usher and Rico Love. Rico Love has written some of Usher’s greatest songs, and now they are associating with each other on an artist to artist level. It is humbling how their relationship has grown to a level where the fans can get the best of them on the same song.

The rest of the song remains the same as the original but then Usher delivers an amazing second verse. The vocals are always timeless and the flow is so obligating you just go with it and find yourself on the chorus, where he joins Rico to give us another mind blowing presentation. The way their voices work together on this chorus is beautiful and it is a sound I wish we could get more of.

Then there comes a third verse from Wiz Khalifa. Wiz Khalifa has established himself as one of the strongest artists in the game right now. He is not going anywhere and he continues to grow and exceed heights many didn’t think him capable of. On this song, his verse is as catchy as they always are and he is careful with his lyrics to creatively stay on track with the theme of the song. His flow is a flow you can never get enough of, it is just beautiful every time Wiz is rapping.

Together these three gentlemen have given us the remix of the moment. It’s been long since we last had a remix we thought was better than the original. Well this one is. The song sounds fresh, it sounds new and the sound is extremely pleasant. Rico Love as a musician is every bit as exceptional as the songwriter. The multi-talented Rico Love has once again given the world glorious music and this puts him on another level. Hard work pays indeed, well done Rico Love, well done.