Rico Love: ‘Days Go By’ Single Review

I have been in a conversation with friends where we were discussing Rico Love, his songwriting, his singing and his rapping. The main issue we discussed was how come this guy writes such incredible songs for other artists, but when it comes to his own music, it is not that incredible? I argued that his music was equally incredible but by then I didn’t have much to use as defense. Then this exceptional song writer released, “Bitches Be like” and I had something to argue with. Then recently he released “Somebody Else” and just a few weeks ago, the remix with Usher and Wiz Khalifa was released. And now, there is “Days Go By.”

Anybody that does not realize the exceeding potential of Rico Love cannot boast of an ear for good music. You simply don’t have it. One of his greatest qualities is the diversity in his writing. This is highly exhibited in the songs he has written for other artists and the ones he has sang himself.

“Days Go By” is an incredibly amazing song, right from the production to lyrics and to the way it is sang. Rico Love does not rush into it. He lets the instrumental play and the intense sound in it builds the right hype for when he starts singing. Rico Love collectively starts singing and it is a smooth flow of vocal purity that he brings to your ears.

The song is about that moment when she is gone and you are dealing with the situation of not having her around and the regret that kicks in. “Dinner alone, nobody’s home / no messages on my telephone / just pictures hung up on the wall / oh God, I’m going through withdraws,” he sings. From the song, she is gone because of all the wrongs he did. He sings about all the BS he has been giving her. Now that she is gone, he really misses her and now he wants to be honest with her but she isn’t here. So now as the days go by, it doesn’t get easier to sleep at night.

Rico Love is bringing out all those things that make the exceptional musician that he is. He also raps on this song on top of the magnificent singing. He does what Drake once talked about, doing the verse and even the hook. It sounds like Rico Love featuring Rico Love. This gentleman is simply a genius.

“Days Go By” demonstrates all the traits we love about Rico Love’s music, he sings and writes about scenarios that are relatable to all of us. “Days Go By” is a situation I am positive several of us have experience with. Love dies every day and we sit home and just be regretful. Rico love maintains a calm nature in his voice and flow on this song. This is highly effective because it instinctively compels you to listen. And when you listen the message sinks in and you appreciate what Rico Love has delivered in this beautiful song.