Rick Rubin Discusses Alternate ‘Yeezus’ Project

Producer Rick Rubin said that Kanye West has so much left over material from his Yeezus album, that he could release an alternate project. Rubin told Genius online that West is so spontaneous when he’s creating music, that he often records several versions of one song. “Ye has so much material left from those sessions, that he could release an alternate version if he wanted to,” Rubin explained to Genius online. Rubin also said that he discussed the alternative album idea to Kanye West. Rubin reiterated that these versions are great songs, and the records are just as good as the songs that were on the Yeezus album. “I know as a fan of the album, I’d like to hear that. Maybe some day, whenever he wants. But it exists! That shit exists,” Rubin said. 

The producer said that “Bound 2” was transformed into something totally different than what they originated it to be. “‘Bound 2’ was a track that initially wasn’t a sample-based track. It was a band track with singing, no idea who [was singing on the record]. I got involved late in the game,” Rubin revealed. He added, “Kanye came in one day and said he got inspired driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, on the way to my studio.” The producer concluded, “He thought it would be a good thing to try the sample he found, so we tried that and the whole song changed.” Rubin said once he made changes to the record, it had more of a band version with “ugly sounding” synthesizers. He said the other version of “Bound 2” had a lot more rhythm and soul elements. Rubin mentioned that all of the records that didn’t make the album have very distinctive elements. Fans will have to cross their fingers and hope that West will decide to drop the unreleased songs to the public. 

Ironically, another version of West’s song “All Day” has appeared online. This version features rapper-producer Travis Scott. When the first version of “All Day” was leaked online about six months ago, the Internet went into a frenzy. All of the excitement sent the song to Number 1 on the Billboard Twitter Trending 140 chart. If one song can cause that kind of success, there’s no telling what fans will do if an alternate Yeezus album is released.