Rhapsody’s Audio Cards Bring Music to Twitter

Rhapsody officially launched its audio cards today, which will allow the company to bring more than 30 million licensed songs to Twitter. Rhapsody users are now able to share full songs on Twitter, using the network’s new card system. The cards will also allow users to share photos and videos on Twitter, too. Rhapsody is the first streaming music service to bring such a large catalog of licensed music to Twitter. The audio cards also allow Twitter users easy playback without having to leave the social media app. 

This monumental launch will be celebrated by some of music’s biggest stars, who will be tweeting about the audio cards today. Some of those artists include Fifth Harmony, Wiz Khalifa, Pearl Jam, Hunter Hayes, and Flo Rida. Rhapsody also celebrated their audio card launch at South By Southwest (SXSW). The artists at the music festival will be sharing songs from their latest albums on Twitter using the Rhapsody audio cards. The cards will help introduce a wide range of people to licensed streaming music for the first time. “This is an important step forward to building a more sustainment music business. As a pioneer in this space, Rhapsody’s never been more excited for what we can bring to music fans on Twitter,” Rhapsody released in a statement. 

Last month, Rhapsody and Napster announced that the company has over 2.5 million paid subscribers worldwide. Rhapsody has accumulated a sixty percent increase over the past year, and the company’s premium music streaming has been steadily rising. Rhapsody attributes the company’s rapid growth to its newly formed partnerships with some of the world’s largest wireless providers, auto manufacturers, and the launch of their innovative Internet radio products. 

On-demand streaming has become increasingly popular, and most people are using their mobile device to stream music online. According to Rhapsody, their members are listening to more than five million hours of music per week. More than eighty-eight percent of their listeners use the Rhapsody app to listen to music, and seventy percent of music listeners use their mobile devices. Last year, only nineteen percent of users were streaming music on their mobile devices. Now that the company has been able to reach over 2.5 million paid subscribers, it proves that Rhapsody’s decision to prioritize the mobile music experience is paying off. 

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