Restaurant Pays Homage to Kanye and Kim’s Love

If your loved one takes you to the restaurant Brucie on Valentine’s Day, and they order “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” don’t be alarmed. Chef and owner Zahra Tangorra has dedicated the Brucie’s menu to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in honor of Valentine’s Day.

The restaurant’s website states, “Kim rejoices as Brooklyn restaurant dedicates Valentine’s Day menu to the sexy star and her bad boy hubby!!!!” The menu is separated into different sections, and the couple has their own dishes that the customer can choose from. Kim’s Amuse Bouche is a “stacked 24 karrot terrine,” and the meal consists of “dill kreme fraicheand Midori shot. Kardashian’s five-course meal includes stuffed “kalimari,” sticky rice balls, “mak n kheese,” “khicken” fried rump roast, and “karrot kake.”

Kanye’s Amuse Bouche is called “Good Life,” and the meal consists of smoked oyster, caviar, brioche, and lillet blanc. West’s five-course meal titles are labeled “Gold Digger, All Foie’s Down, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Bound 2 Pork Roulade Bourguinon,” and “Imma Let You Finish.” The menu also includes entrees for two called “The North West” and “‘No Church In The Wild’ Mushroom Polenta.” For the full menu that includes the meal descriptions, visit Brucie’s website.

Last year, Brucie’s menu honored pop star Beyoncé with “Beyoncé-themed” dishes. Some of the dishes on the Beyoncé menu included “I Am Pasta Fierce, Breastiny’s Child, Diva Is A Female Version of A Brusstla”, and “Jay-Ziti. Some may say Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the most talked-about celebrity couples in the world. West was once quoted as saying he “had to be with Kim Kardashian because she is the number one woman on the planet.”

The couple’s wedding last year was arguably the biggest entertainment story ever. West and Kardashian’s wedding photo was posted on social media and it became the most-liked photo on Instagram; it currently has 2.4 million likes. West explained the significance of having the most-liked photo on social media, “The fact that the number one most-liked photo has a kind of aesthetic was a win for what the mission is, which is raising the palette.” Kim Kardashian is no stranger to photos breaking records. On November 11th, Kardashian posed for Paper magazine and literally “broke the Internet” when the photo went viral.