Rescued Three-Legged Pitbull Adopts Kittens Who Were Abandoned By Their Mother

This little Pitbull is showing the world just how much love a mother dog has to give. While Pitbull’s often get a bad rep for being aggressive and mean, Bella is proving the world otherwise. This female pup is incredibly friendly and loving, so much so that she recently decided to adopt a litter of newborns that aren’t even the same species as her! You’ll ‘aww’ at the love shared between Bella and her adopted newborns.

20. Bella

Meet Bella, the three-legged Pitbull. Bella is a rescue dog that was taken in at a farmed animal sanctuary in California. From the beginning Bella was showed signs of being extraordinary.

19. Friendship

Bella’s owners immediately noticed just how friendly the young pup was. She would go up to everyone, including many different types of animals, and befriend them. It was a shocking thing to witness.

18. Rescue Pal

One of Bella’s first friends was a rescue cow that was at the farm. The two would often hang out together and Bella loved being around the cow. Still, her friendships didn’t end there…

17. Piglets

One day, a few tiny piglets were brought over to the animal sanctuary after being rescued from a slaughterhouse. Bella seemed to instinctively know that the piglets were in need of watching over. So that’s exactly what she did!

16. Mothering

It seems that Bella had a motherly instinct to watch over and protect young ones. This proved true once again when Bella had the opportunity to watch over some battery-caged chickens that were also brought over to the sanctuary. It seemed that Bella had a very caring heart.

15. Bad Reputation

Pitbull’s are unfortunately given a very bad reputation. Many people are under the assumption that this breed of dog are very aggressive and mean. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth…

14. The Truth

According to the American Temperament Test Society, “the American pit bull terrier scored an overall temperament rating of 83.9 percent compared to the 77 percent score of the general dog population.” Pitbulls are active, loyal, and very affectionate dogs, believe it or not.

13. Orphaned

Recently, a litter of kittens that were orphaned by their mother were dropped off at the animal sanctuary. The owners were looking after the kittens until they noticed that Bella wanted to step in! They were blown away.

12. Surrogate Mom

Seeing that the kittens were in need of a mother-figure, Bella quickly stepped up to the plate. She began caring for the kittens and watching over them. There was even a video released of the spectacular interaction!

11. The Kittens

In the video, you can see how caring Bella is with the kittens. She is seen watching over them as they jump around and have a good time. You won’t believe what the kittens names are either!

10. Rugrats

The kittens in the video with Bella happen to be named Tommy, Chuckie, Phillip (Phil) and Lillian (Lil). Their names were inspired from the Rugrats cartoon show. The names seem to be very fitting.

9. Always Caring

Bella’s owner, Grace Kuhn, has been so happy with the Pitbull in her life. She is constantly in awe at how loving and caring Bella is, especially when the situation calls for it.

8. Gentle Dog

She is such a gentle dog and has befriended animals of all types of species before. My fiance David and I used to live on a farmed animal sanctuary in California, and she was the unlikely friend to many of the animals who resided there,” Kuhn told LittleThings.

7. Nap Time

Once the kittens were done playing around it was finally time for them to get settled down for a nap. That was when the kittens went over to Bella and quickly snuggled up to her. It was a beautiful moment.

6. Three Litters

So far, Bella has helped me care for three litters of kittens, and she has always been gentle and kind. She gladly shares her water bowl, her dog bed, and her human attention,” Grace wrote. It seems that Bella really is a true mother at heart.

5. Grooming

She takes turns grooming them, and they greet her every morning by curling around her legs, and cry when she comes in from her walks,” Grace explained. Bella greatly enjoys making sure that the kittens are doing well and are happy in their new surroundings.

4. Dog-Friendly

Bella is doing her part to make sure these kittens are well adjusted and adopted into their forever homes. When they head back to the adoption floor in a few weeks, their enclosures will proudly read, “dog-friendly“, Grace proudly wrote.

3. Two Weeks

In about two weeks, the kittens will be ready to be put up for adoption. The adoption will go through The Frederick Animal Control and Adoption Center in Maryland. Soon they’ll be in their forever homes!

2. Breaking Stereotypes

While she also has three legs, none of that has affected Bella’s ability to love and care for others. According to Grace, she is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet and she always goes out of her way to make friends.

1. Love

The kittens all absolutely adore Bella and love being in her presence. The kittens will grow up with a great impression of dogs and Bella will continued taking care of any abandoned kitty litters that show up at the sanctuary.