Remark – Wild Run

[jwplatform XV1MpKUC-Pqiywodl]

Remark is an unsigned band from Moscow, Russia. They released their first single, “Wild Run” on May 11th, along with this music video, which is quite something. The music itself is fairly typical, dark, hardcore metal. It has some good old fashioned head-banging moments, but globally the chord progressions and rhythms are a little pedestrian. Making music is hard, and everybody has to start somewhere. This group has captured a certain mood though, which is quite Russian. That is to say, it’s a little bit nasty and sensual and severe all at once. In the video, a heavily-mascaraed, dark-haired woman is sitting in some sort of grungy industrial night club. She takes a pill, licks her lips and fingers, makes eyes at the band members, who all lick their lips back at her. I don’t know what kind of pill she took, but I don’t think I’d try it myself, to be honest. The video also features a healthy amount of blood splattering, smoke machines, and evil stares. It will certainly appeal to the Hot Topic / Haunted House crowd of U.S. listeners. I hope that Remark is able to achieve the positive recognition from such alternative media platforms as they’re hoping for. What they’re going for is niche, but it’s not bad. And while they are clearly at the beginning stages of their musical project, they do seem to know what they are doing, and the potential for evolving into a more mature musical aesthetic is definitely there. Good job, Remark!

Music by: Remark
Sound Production by: Andrew Konoplev