REFLEX – Together

[jwplatform NPCTrQgI-Pqiywodl]

View Las Vegas through a prism in REFLEX’s music video for “Together.” After a minute and a half long vocal-free, electronic instrumental intro, Ludmila Cassar begins singing, her voice highly affected. Shapes in the city’s architecture begin to shift, moving like a Rubix cube. Prism-like triangles appear in the sky, inverting images and casting a slight rainbow filter on the sky and clouds, and even the desert. The style of the video is reminiscent of a GoPro camera, as if the girl is creating a collage of her day in Sin City, from her plane ride there to her car ride from the airport to the hotel and beach, to when she is out on the town at night. We even get a close up of a seahorse and some jelly fish! Not to mention the surprise glimpses of the duo’s other member, André Dalcan, peeking out from behind surfboards and grinning at the camera.  

Written and composed by REFLEX
Produced by Eikyou Records