Red Bull: 15 Things They Don’t Tell You (Part 2)

Our part one article featuring the first seven things they don’t tell you about Red Bull gave you a lot to say about the unique energy drink, but wait until you see part two! We really have the scoop on everything this beverage has to offer, so read on to discover what you should already know. Finally, we present the top eight things they don’t tell you about Red Bull!

Number Eight: The Flutag. In the line of events hosted by Red Bull, the most popular and well-known is probably the Flutag. With a name like the Flutag, it really is hard to ignore. This contest features teams making life-size planes intended to fly with only aerodynamics and manpower. They are launched into a lake or ocean, and judged on their “creativity” and “showmanship”.

Number Seven: Formula 1. If you aren’t familiar with F1, this is the name for the company’s motorsport teams. Every year, it is estimated that they spend over half a billion on these cars. For that price, you had better believe they like to show them off!

Number Six: The VIP Beverage. With Formula 1 being so prestigious, you can bet they have come up with a unique beverage for the event. In fact, they have concocted the perfect energy drink with elite availability to “Formula 1 VIPs” only.

Number Five: Paper Planes. The company hosts a wide range of events and sports, in every type and size. One of their more endearing competitions is the Red Bull Paper Wings contest, which is exactly what it sounds like – judging paper airplanes in terms of distance, style, and time spent in the air.

Number Four: The Athletes. As most of us are already aware, Red Bull endorses a large number of athletes. However, they also recognize those who use their brain power as well. Tania Sachdev, a chess player, and many video gamers also make their list.

Number Three: The Cola. Though most people don’t know, Red Bull actually has a line of soda called Red Bull Cola. In fact, it has completely natural ingredients, unlike the soda’s main competitors. Its content includes real Kola nut and coca leaf extract; although, because of the coca leaf extract, this drink has been found have trace levels of cocaine as well.

Number Two: The Ban. For a long time, the energy drink was actually banned in quite a number of countries. The basis for this was that the stimulant quantities of the beverage were unsafe; however, studies have shown that the levels are rather normal. In fact, it has about as much caffeine as the average cup of coffee.

Number One: The Headquarters. The headquarters of Red Bell really looks like it popped out of a DC comic, sort of resembling the Hall of Doom, which is the base of operations for the League of Doom that pops out of Slaughter Swamp. Hey, it probably isn’t – but there’s enough similarity to make you wonder. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 15 things you didn’t know about Red Bull!