Record Store Day Announces Black Friday Releases

Like Furby, Roseanne, and everything else that has had a recent “reboot,” vinyl is back. One of the best parts of being a vinyl collector is Record Store Day, which celebrates the independent record stores around the world. The event started in 2007 and has grown to include every continent except Antartica. Each Record Store Day, participating retailers have activities, appearances, giveaways, and more. Collectors visit record stores in droves, often to get limited-edition reissues or releases available just for the event. Record Store Day will be held in April 2018, however, the Black Friday releases for Record Store Day have just been announced, and there’s some real gems among them on vinyl AND cassette. Yes, there are limited edition releases on cassette for Record Store Day. We really are living in the 1990’s again.

Here’s what to expect at record stores the day after Thanksgiving.


Yes, that Leonard Nimoy. The day will see a reissue of his insane 1960’s LP, Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space.


Get in the Christmas spirit with this holiday release, a set of 2 vinyl 7-inch records, one in red, one in green. McCartney has re-recorded his track “Wonderful Christmastime” with The Roots, while the records also feature Norah Jones’ “Peace” and The Decemberists’ “Jesus Christ.”


Queen’s “News of the World” is celebrating its 40th anniversary, so the day will see a special pressing of “We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You” on 12-inch vinyl.


Fans will be able to snag a a 12-track cassette tape of Ryan Adams’s “Prisoner,” with 12 tracks in all of that audio glory.


“The London Chuck Berry Sessions” is a 1972 album that’s being rereleased for 2017. It’s a collection of live and studio recordings by the great Berry,  and they were all recorded in England.


Yes, even Westeros is getting in the action with Record Store Day’s Black Friday releases. There will be a limited-edition Ice and Fire picture disc with music from the popular television show.


90’ fave Tori Amos has a special edition Russian EP with 4 songs from “Native Invader.” The LP is limited in just 3,000 copies and features labels printed in the Russian language, as well as a beautiful orange color.


Brian Setzer Orchestra has been around for over 25 years, and they’re celebrating the milestone with a record of two never-before-released live tracks: “Let There Be Rock” and “Gene and Eddie.”


Another major anniversary for 2017 is Notorious B.I.G.’s single “Hypnotize,” the last song he released before his death. Fans can snag a orange and black 12’’ vinyl of the single from the album “Life After Death.”

These are just a few of the notable releases, however, there’s also regional releases as well. A full range of genres are represented in the complete list. Another Tori Amos release, plus Petula Clark, Sublime, Iggy Pop, Steel Panther, Cat Stevens/Yusuf, Toto, and much more are available. You’ll find the complete list of releases on the Record Store Day website