Real Ones – Separation Blues

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The music video for “Separation Blues” by Real Ones is a stop-motion adventure about saying goodbye to the one you love, and the painful feelings that linger afterward. Directed by Andre Chocron, the video opens to a man waking from his nap on the couch. The surrounding furniture and objects in his living room take on a life of their own, rearranging rhythmically in time with the music. He stands up, after having his outfit for the day effortlessly animated onto his body, and as he sings “there go my things,” his belongings begin to disappear.
His girlfriend enters the room just in time for him to chant, “there goes my honey.” Within seconds, the woman exits and enters the room again, this time, fully dressed, with all of their belongings trailing behind her. She leaves without a word, as the camera focuses in on the man singing of his “separation blues.” Real Ones make clever cameos throughout the artfully done video only in picture frames hanging on the man’s walls. Playful and sweet, the video is sure to tug on your heart strings, if only a little.

Performed by Real Ones
Written by David Chelsom Vogt
Directed by André Chocron
Produced by Andrea Berentsen Ottmar