Rawboss feat. Jael Johnson – Pieces

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Rawboss speaks the truth in this gut-wrenching music video for “Pieces.” “It is what it is… Life can get the best of you at times, so you gotta take hold of it” are the first words we hear in the video. Jael Johnson delivers solid vocals as she sings “the pieces are falling down.” The color grading of the video gives off a cold and raw feeling. It’s a dark day in Texas, and Rawness begins to rap about issues that we can all relate to: a bleak future, life’s surprises, and the need to change things for the better. There is so much honesty in his lyrics, especially when he raps, “And I’m not doin’ well / I’m going through a spell / I’m not talkin’ witchcraft / I’m talkin’ more like hell.” Rawboss’ talent is both refreshing and pure. While there is so much greed in the world and desire to become filthy rich, the rapper finds that his music and music in general is what life and love are all about. In the end, one just has to let life lead itself. While you take hold of it, prepare for the worst because if you don’t, you won’t be able to get back up. It’s a well-executed video that conveys the message loud and clear not only to the ears, but to the heart and soul.

Music – GeniusBoy
Director – Superior Dave of Xclusiv Media™
From the LP Rawbaghdad: Dictator of the Nation
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All Rights Are Reserved 2015