Rascal Flatts Preparing for Las Vegas Residency

Rascal Flatts is gearing up for their Las Vegas residency show entitled Rascal Flatts Vegas Riot! The nine-show residency will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Band member, Joe Don Rooney, said they are going to add a fresh approach to their new music, in order to give the fans a great show. “I think what we’ve done is taken songs that have been really big hits for us, and musically, we have done something different and put a new flavor on them,” Rooney told Billboard magazine. Rooney said they are working with a new band and background singers just for their Las Vegas shows. Once the Flatts are done with their Vegas residency, they are going to prepare for their summer tour. “It’s just going to be a new take on our older music, along with some of our newer stuff. It’s really been a blast putting it together,” Rooney said. 

The singer promises the Rascal Flatts will put on a memorable show, because the Hard Rock set-up will gives fans an up close and personal experience. “The only time I’ve been there [Hard Rock] was to see Jeff Beck. It was a phenomenal show. It is something we haven’t gotten to do in a while, so we thought that doing nine shows in Vegas was perfect,” Rooney explained. Rascal Flatts are the first country artists to do a Las Vegas residency at Hard Rock, and they are honored to be given the opportunity. The band said coming up with the set list for the shows was the biggest challenge, because they have so many songs. “It’s a blessing and a curse to have so many songs that people expect to hear every night. It kind of limits what you can do with your live show. You can only change or switch it up so many ways,” Rooney told Billboard magazine. 

Even after fifteen years in the music business, Rascal Flatts are just as focused today as they were back then. The band wants to make sure they remain relevant in the music business, and that is what drives them. “I think there is a newness to Rascal Flatts right now. I think it’s part of this evolution. I think any time you have a lengthy career, you’ve got to reinvent yourself,” Rooney said. The Rascal Flatts Vegas Riot! shows begin on February 25th and closes on March 14th.