This Cat Has ‘Two Faces’ But Is The Most Beautiful Cat In The World

Beings on this planet come in many shapes and sizes! Narnia, a pretty strange yet beautiful creature, is a perfect example to this! Let’s discover together about Narnia, a two-faced cat that has her own and unique beauty! Slides 19 and 14 will surely amaze you!

20. A Unique Cat

Surely this cat has something special to tell us! You can’t help but realize that something is really special with this kitten and that her case is pretty rare! Click next to learn how this beautiful kitten is named and what’s her story!

19. Narnia

The two-faced kitten is named Narnia after the magical world of “The Chronicles of Narnia”, a series of seven fantasy novels by C. S. Lewis. Her face symbolizes the two worlds of the books and the differences that each one of them hides! But how did she develop like this?

18. In Her Mother’s Womb

The unique looks of Narnia were probably developed in her mother’s womb after a gene that was passed on by generations. It is worth mentioning that her mother isn’t a two-faced cat, something that really surprised her owner. Click next to see the owner blessed with owning this unique and charming kitten!

17. Stephanie Jimenez

Owner Stephanie Jimenez instantly fell in love with Narnia and her impressive blue eyes, as well as her pretty unique and charming face! She never rejected her for her look and was happy to breed her and raise her as well as she could… how couldn’t she?

16. Mistaken For Chimera

There are plenty of times that little Narnia has been mistaken as a Chimera. Chimera cats feature a cat born from two embryos merged together. This causes two different coat patterns to emerge into one cat. It’s a gorgeous combination, right? In Greek mythology, a Chimera was a monster made of the body parts of a snake, lion, and goat. Mind finding out what her breeder did the day Narnia was born?

15. When She Was Born

Narnia came to life on the 28th of March, 2017. Her breeder while in shock, fell in love with her strange looks. Her family rushed the newborn kitten to the vet as they thought she had some type of skin disease only to find out they now owned a very unique and stunning creature!

14. Raised Her With Care

Stephanie Jimenez raised Narnia with care after giving her special name and thankfully managed to capture every moment of her life! Something like this had to be remembered!

13. When She Grew Up

When Narnia grew up her real beauty unleashed! She was so charming as well as playful, curious and full of energy that her breeder had an idea… Click next to find out about Stephanie’s idea!

12. Hire A Professional Photographer

Stephanie Jimenez lost no time and hired a professional photographer, Jean-Michel Labat, to shoot Narnia and show her beauty to the world. After a little bit of time, Narnia’s pictures took over the internet! It was at this time that Stephanie decided to do more!

11. Her Own Facebook & Instragram

Stephanie, after the successful shots of Narnia and the huge attention she got from the public, decided to make Narnia a Facebook and Instagram page in order to keep her new fans informed. It took her only a few days to raise more than 3,000 likes and followers!

10. Chatterie de la Grâce

Stephanie named her pages on social media “Chatterie de la Grâce” where she keeps Narnia’s fans updated about her and her little adventures!

9. Napping Time

This is a picture from Chatterie de la Grâce where Narnia takes a little nap on the hand of her breeder. Stephanie had so many pictures of her from when she was little that fans thought these photos were limitless.

8. Perfect Combination

Narnia blends black and grey with pure blue into a perfect combination that doesn’t happen often! Here, she is when Stephanie shot a photo of her without any warning!

7. Cute Colorful Kitty

You can’t deny Narnia was very beautiful when she was a kitty. Although her true beauty was released when she grew up, the signs where clear from the earliest stages of her life.

6. Perfect Line

You may have noticed until now, how perfect Narnia’s colors are separated in her head. It’s almost a straight line, something that undoubtedly adds to her beauty!

5. Silly Faces

Narnia doesn’t lose a chance to make silly faces for the camera and drive her fans crazy! As Stephanie commented, Narnia is indeed playful and cheerful and usually causes trouble for herself due to her curiosity.

4. Posing Like A Star

And of course, we can’t deny that Narnia poses like a star! Her incredible charisma paired with her unique beauty make some really worth-seeing photographs!

3. Still Viral Today

Despite the peak of her fame some years ago, hardcore fans keep drawing attention to her case by shares and likes on social media.

2. Her Blue Eyes

Her pure blue eyes is what some of her fans tell made them fall in love with her. Some say that even if the colors of her face weren’t the way they are, they would still fall in love with her!

1. Unique And Beautiful

We surely can’t deny that Narnia is a very rare, beautiful and unique creature! We wish her the best and we hope that more inspiring pictures of her will be posted by Stephanie.