Rapper 50 Cent, Marvel and Reebok Join Forces

SMS Audio has just secured partnerships with Reebok and Marvel. The company also has already secured exclusive contract deals with the Star Wars franchise, Disney World, and Disneyland. “We believe those relationships, in a corporate sense, are just as good a strategy,” SMS Audio president Brian Nohe stated to Fortune. 50 Cent, CEO of SMS Audio, said the new deal should solidify his headphone’s popularity. “Those brands don’t go anywhere. They’re not going away. The rapper acknowledged that SMS Audio may not be the headphone powerhouse Beats By Dre has become, but 50 Cent claims Beats headphones lack in quality. 

50 Cent stated that SMS Audio is more known on an international level, but it plans on dominating the headphone industry. “Beats is Nike and we’re Adidas. It’s more international,” the rapper said. SMS Audio’s partnership with Marvel may include X-Men, Daredevil, and Spider-Man, but the company said consumers shouldn’t expect the headphones to look toy-like. “It won’t look toy-like. All that stuff we do, it’s classy,” Nohe explained. He continued, “Like on The Avengers’ headphones, it won’t be a picture of Thor running around. It will be a little symbol and have the same colorways.” The Marvel headphones won’t be as expensive as the SMS Audio headphones, but it won’t lack in quality. 

The SMS Audio deal with Reebok will be geared towards fitness-minded individuals, and the headphones will be designed for exercise purposes. Some Reebok stores will carry the headphones, and the company will carry the headphones on its online store. To date, SMS Audio is endorsed by super producer Timbaland, NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony, DJ Pauly D, NFL player Rob Gronkowski, professional surfer Alana Blanchard, and IndyCar driver Helios Castroneves. “We tend to be more narrow in who we work with but then we focus and work with them a lot more,” Nohe told Fortune in regards to their celebrity endorsers. 

This is not 50 Cent’s first deal with Reebok. In 2003, the rapper signed a five-year sneaker deal with Reebok in order to endorse his G-Unit sneaker line. Although the details of the Reebok deal were never made public, 50 Cent claims he made over $80 million dollars from the sneaker endorsement. 

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