Rap Mogul Suge Knight to Stand Trial for Murder

A judge in the Los Angeles County court just ruled there is enough evidence for Suge Knight to stand trial on murder and attempted murder charges. Judge Ronald Coen’s ruling was made at the end of a hearing, which included testimony from one of the victims Knight struck with his vehicle. Cle Sloan testified that he could not recount all the events that led up to being hit by the rap mogul’s truck, but the victim did remember punching Knight in his face. 

According to Knight’s attorney, the rap mogul was physically attacked by Sloan and Terry Carter and he was only trying to escape when he accidentally struck both of the victims. While on the witness stand, Sloan began crying and he stated he did not want to “snitch” on the rap mogul. He also said that he did not want to be responsible for sending Knight to prison. Unfortunately, the other victim Terry Carter died as a result of his injuries. 

Defense attorney James Cooper (who is not involved in this particular case) stated that Sloan may have not be able to recall the incident, because he was knocked unconscious after he was struck by Knight. On the contrary, Cooper said that Sloan’s behavior on the witness stand is very common in gang-related cases, and Sloan may be fearful he could face retaliation for siding with the authorities. “They have a creed. They do not cooperate with the prosecution of a gang member, even if he’s from a rival gang. It’s just a rule, they don’t cooperate,” Cooper reiterated. 

Sloan also refused to properly identify Knight in court. “Yes, I know Mr. Knight but that does not look like Mr. Knight,” Sloan stated. While there is no evidence to support if Sloan and Knight are affiliated in a gang, a document filed by a homicide sergeant identifies Knight as a member of the Bloods gang. Sloan’s attorney stated he does not know why his client told a completely different story on the witness stand, compared to the one he told detectives earlier this year. Despite Sloan’s testimony, the prosecution believes the surveillance footage that shows Knight hitting both victims with his truck is enough evidence to convict the rap mogul. 

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