Randa – Rangers

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From Auckland, New Zealand comes Randa, a 22-year old hip-hop artist. Randa’s music video entitled “Rangers” is, without a doubt, aesthetically pleasing. The visuals are random, yet perfectly appropriate for the track’s lyrics. From Tiger Balm to hipster Justin Bieber and Rosie O’Donnell to purple ski goggles, “Rangers” will not disappoint. The verses have been compared to the Tumblr website: “Yo, I jack my swag from Jeans Girl / Pink duffel bag, watching dolphins at Sea World / Larz Randa, cool as a boogie board / Orange crocs, health conscious goodie drawer.” The rapper’s use of putting random words together to make the song flow is pure genius. The hip-hop beat is simple, and the chorus is pretty catchy: “You know we get down / without the cyber moms / One of them told me I was hot right now / like Tiger Balm / One of them said / ‘Larz, you a ranger / you are stranger than attraction to danger.’” Enjoy this hip-hop anthem because you’ll be singing this in your head as soon as you reach the end of the video.

By Randa and Josh Fountain
Website: larzranda13.com
Facebook: facebook.com/larzranda
Twitter: twitter.com/larzranda
Bandcamp: larzranda.bandcamp.com/album/rangers-ep