The Ramona Flowers – Tokyo

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The Ramona Flowers invite you all to the freakiest of parties in their music video Tokyo. A harp playing boy and his white-masked female guardian will be the guides and performers for the night. What festivities are on the schedule? Well, how about kabuki masks, secret passageways and creepy butlers for a start. Things kick into high gear when the white-masked woman dons a red robe for a wonderful dance routine. By the end of the video, the audience is quite literally blown away.
Tokyo comes off of The Ramona Flowers’ debut album Dismantle and Rebuild. If this single and video is any hint of what’s to come, then FDRMX will look forward to the creative visuals this Pop-Rock band will dish out in the future. It may even be an interesting prospect to revisit this performing duo again. The two main characters are set up so well that they hold the viewer’s complete attention. Ramona Flowers has provided mystery and intrigue with these two, and it would be wonderful to see further scratching of the surface.

Taken from the debut album out now:

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