Tim Paris feat. Coco Solid – Rain

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Tim Paris and Coco Solid deliver a beautiful water ballet in the incredible nature-themed video Rain. Directors Emmanuel Fleury and Alain Boegner use film trick after film trick to create their visual feast. Time lapse, slo-mo, reverse, and microscopic zooms are all employed during a dreary day in the city. While all of these tricks are employed well, it’s the title subject that fascinates the most. Witnessing the droplets bounce around along the earth’s surface is as tantalizing as a video can get.
The black and white choice for the video is a daring one that ends up robbing much of the nature images’ potential beauty. There’s a method to this madness, however, as the lack of color underscores the pollution and industrialization that tarnishes the planet. The ever-present human eye, the only object in the video with color, serves to remind that the viewer’s fate is linked to that of nature.

Directed by : Emmanuel Fleury  & Alain Boegner 
Director of Photography : David Foquin
Edited by : Emmanuel Fleury  & Alain Boegner
Color grading: Ghislain Rio  (color-tweak.com/)
Post-production & VFX: Reepost  (reepost.fr)
Graphic design: Benoît Messager  (for Reepost)
Produced by: Emmanuel Fleury, Alain Boegner, Sébastien du Petit-Thouars
A Tarquinia Films production
Year of Production : 2014

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