Raglans Take You on One Wild Tour

Raglan Blog

If you’re like me you’re rather lazy. But if you’re like me you also like having fun. The problem in reconciling these two traits is that having fun often requires exerting some effort, and that is too often a deal breaker for me. Luckily for fat, sleepy me there’s music videos that have fun for me. Thanks to them I can see a full concert without having to shower, explore exotic locations without putting on any pants, and in the case of “Lady Roll Back the Years” by Raglans I can explore some Irish city culture without the need of applying for a passport.

First a little background info. The band of Raglans was formed in 2010 and currently features Stephen Kelly (lead vocals/guitair/bango/mandolin), Ros Horan (bass), Conn O’Runaidh (drums) and Liam Morrow (lead guitar/mandolin). They appear to be a fun loving bunch and not lazy at all. They’re now touring all over the United Kingdom to promote their first album. If that wasn’t impressive enough, just today their band page became Facebook certified. All this sudden success take a look at them in action with this interview that, while rather inefficiently set up (I half expected the interviewer to take out one of the band members eyes while swinging around that microphone every five seconds), paints the perfect picture of how unassuming these guys are.

Their video contains a gritty authenticity to it. With the Raglans as our guide the viewer gets an intimate look at the underground Irish music scene through the view of a Super 8 Camera. They pop their heads into alleyways, diners, parks, and concert stages in their wonderful quest to have a good time. The video doesn’t try to impress it just does (much like the band themselves). I wouldn’t be surprised if this video was cut together from actual clips of them on tour and some editor just figured he could make a music video out of it. It also helps that the song is catchy as all holy hell. I have a soft spot for Irish Rock so this video and song were just what the doctor ordered.

Check out the band on their fancy-smancy certified Facebook page and download some (or all) of their tracks at the iTunes store.