Raglans – (Lady) Roll Back The Years

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From black and white to color, from a crowded concert to the sidewalk, and from sitting and smiling to standing and yelling, Raglans play “(Lady) Roll Back The Years” through some constantly changing scenery. It’s a basic recounting of a pretty displacing breakup, and they don’t want to show you as much as tell you about it. With only a fairly general description of what went down, we see everything (sometimes through a fish eye lens) post-event, and are left to speculate on the details. It’s easy to resonate with when we’re allowed to tune into some of the better one-liners, such as “Cheap drinks and romance might be your last chance.”

The song itself sounds like someone picked up the pace and the pitch of a tune by The Kooks. It also sounds very UK, as we hear mention of London.  This colorful punk piece sounds like a teen anthem of kinds, or a soundtrack for kicking over trashcans on a carefree romp with buddies.

Producer and Director: Finn Keenan
Label: IRL | K1 Entertainment

Website: bit.ly/1cv4MJL
Tumblr: raglans.tumblr.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Raglans
Twitter: twitter.com/raglans