Rafael Vigilantics Breaks New Ground With His Single “Ramblin’ Bones”

Los Angeles, widely known as a hotbed for musicians and groups in every genre, all grapple to make their mark in a music scene oversaturated in weekly single releases, remixes and showcases. When the new single “Ramblin’ Bones” by Rafael Vigilantics crossed my inbox, I nearly dismissed the track as representing another LA artist on the move. Being almost a minute into the song, I knew he strayed from the pack to forge a sound that will span into a long, expansive career.

While “Ramblin’ Bones” is a departure from his previous work as a self-described “Search-And-Destroy-Hip-Hop” artist, this single takes the listener down an emotional path that can be felt as genuine, dark and without borders. Vigilantics’ lyrics and crooner voice are perfectly paired with the energy of the music, which conjures notes of Americana paired with an urban grit.

I enjoy artists like Rafael Vigilantics, and more so after reading more into his history of crossing boundaries of Hip-Hop, folk and indie. He has even been described as the “Iggy Pop of Hip-Hop” by the Huffington Post, which is almost hard to image until you really understand his music and creative visuals. “Ramblin’ Bones” is the first single from his upcoming new album Orleans, which will be released in 2017.