Radiohead Surprises Fans with An Update

Radiohead Surprises Fans with An UpdateCourtesy of

“A window into an evolving world” – that’s what frontman Thom Yorke calls Radiohead‘s app for Android and iOS phones. PolyFauna made its debut in February of this year, a project conceived as the band created album “The King of Limbs” (particularly the first track, “Bloom“).  Here’s the general idea: you hold out your phone and move it around to see changing imagery, as a red dot evades you. If you successfully hone in on it, you open up a new landscape.

With the band getting ready to head back to the studio this month, they’ve just released a surprise update to PolyFauna. There are new terrains, psychedelic soundscapes, and the unmistakable voice of Thom Yorke. What’s so great about it? It’s not something avid Radiohead fans are familiar with. Given that the first series of PolyFauna’s features was based on “The King of Limbs,” this new addition might be giving clues to users as to what the band’s ninth studio album will include.

The fact that Thom Yorke had time to tweet some intense images from the app earlier today and yesterday doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. During the band’s hiatus, Yorke’s side project (Atoms for Peace) released new album “Amok.” Just last week, Yorke also made a surprise appearance at Los Angeles’ Roosevelt Hotel and played for a lucky crowd at their weekly Nightswim party. Other band members have been keeping busy as well: guitarist Jonny Greenwood brought his skills to the score of Paul Thomas Anderson‘s upcoming film “Inherent Vice,” and drummer Philip Selway finished his second studio LP (set to debut in October).

If that doesn’t get you interested in the free app, here’s the official description:

“Your screen is the window into an evolving world.

Move around to look around.

You can follow the red dot.

You can wear headphones.

You can get some pretty strange looks on the train.”

The app’s updates were developed in collaboration with digital arts studio Universal Everything. Also involved was producer Nigel Godrich and Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood.

The only reason NOT to check out what could possibly be an immersive look at Radiohead’s latest, is that the app really drains the battery on your phone.