Radio Disney Focuses on ‘Kids in Cars with Moms’

In an effort to expand their reach to a wider audience, Radio Disney has announced a partnership with iBiquity Digital, a New York City-based agency that will lead Radio Disney’s advertising sales. The new development will help the brand target their audience with advertisements while broadcasting on as many as 60 nationwide stations. The move will expand Radio Disney’s reach on FM radio stations and will identify “kids in cars with moms” amongst other users as their primary audience.

Eric Goldstein, Radio Disney’s Vice President of Distribution and Consumer Engagement, expressed his excitement with the new development. “Be working with iBiquity Digital, we expand our distribution footprint onto the FM dial,” he explained before going on to explain their benefits. He believes that Radio Disney will “become more accessible to families looking for music that can be enjoyed by the entire household.” The company undoubtedly hopes that their new move will bring Radio Disney into the public eye after it has experienced a few rocky years.

Radio Disney will be iBiquity Digital’s first network to target a “nationwide demo,” and the company looks forward to fulfilling their promises. Along with mothers and children, the company hopes to appeal to automobiles with installed HD Receivers. These are a new development that allow users to “digitally broadcast local stations plus two other stations on the same frequency.” The receivers were installed in forty percent of all cars last year, and are being well-received.

Radio Disney has been on air since November of 1996. The station got its start primarily on AM radio and broadcasts material to anyone up to 16 years of age. Disney has used the medium as a way to promote many of their young musical acts such as Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato when they were primarily known for their Disney appearances. The station plays Top 40 singles after editing out any profanities or mature content. Alongside the music, Radio Disney runs a variety of features and contests to keep fans involved with the program.

Since 2002, Radio Disney has hosted an annual awards show. Many comparisons have been drawn between the Radio Disney Music Awards and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, as they follow a similar format and tend to honor the same individuals.  This year celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Maroon 5 earned nominations for a variety of awards.

FDRMX Eyes: Sahara Beck is a singer-songwriter from Australia. The musician has released a music video entitled “Pretender.”

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