Rachel Costanzo: ‘Miles Away’ Single Review

Sung by rising star and Melbourne singer Rachel Costanzo, “Miles Away” is all you could want in a single, and more. The song is a stand alone single that follows Costanzo’s eponymous EP. Filled with soaring vocals and beautifully played piano that makes your heart skip a beat, the tale of love shows us a new facet of the 18-year-old as she strips back her pop sensibilities to deliver a moving ballad.

Opening with a simple piano melody, plenty of room is left for the depth of Costanzo’s voice. You will be struck by the warmth of her tones which shine above the classical sound of the keys, and she maneuvers around the music with an effortless light and shade as she says, “Could I look into your eyes, one more time?”

Building the climax in the chorus with the conviction of her delivery, the singer’s plea to her lover that they will solely exist in this moment is paramount. In this, you can hear the pain and desperation in Costanzo’s voice as she grasps on to a moment long ago lost when her lover moved on.

The boldness of this track lies in Costanzo’s decision to lay her soul bare. This is achieved with minimal instrumental backing, and it is only at the end when a string section is added that we hear a fuller arrangement. A weaker vocalist would fumble and falter when left to her own devices, but Costanzo’s voice is radiant, and some of the most beautiful moments occur in the instrumental silence when we hear the singer begin and finish her phrasing a capella.

Very much a storyteller, you are instantly able to imagine the relationship being depicted. Costanzo’s vocal control is ethereal and perfected, and her emotional intensity and commitment to the message of the song make it a perfect partnership of excellent musical theory, delivery and production. Lucky for us all, Costanzo hopes to release an EP featuring “Miles Away” later this year.