Rabid Young: ‘EP 1’ Review

Rabid Young, a Las Vegas based band is at long last ready to make its mark on the musical world. It is one of the freshest bands in the industry and their debut “EP 1” finally arrives today October 2nd. The anticipation for this unveiling may not be as soaring as it ought to be and that’s probably because you are not aware of the treat you are in for.

The band was formed in 2014 and it has singer Eric Rickey, Megan Wingerter (Keyboard), Jackson Wilcox (bass), Mason Bundschuh (Guitar) and Alex Stopa (drums). From the musical account of the band members, I believe we are in safe hands with this young industrious band of individuals with some of the most remarkable résumés at the start of a very interesting journey.

Eric Rickey was part of the “Most Thieves”, a local band that eventually split after a placeable experience in the industry and Jackson was part of “A Crowd of Small Adventures” another band that also split. A number of people have compared their sound to “The Killers” which is a good look for them as it makes us anticipate a sound as fabled as that of the Killers. That is an interesting comparison considering that “Most Thieves” has opened for “The Killers” before. But just as you listen anticipating that equivalence in sound, theirs takes a pleasant twiddle and treats you to a whole new feel.

If my opinion is one you can trust and you should, that twiddle is what will make them stick out. You will merely feel an influence of pop/synth pop that is gently suppressed by how impressively it’s blended with well-balanced Indie rock, electro and plain rock.

Their debut ‘EP 1’ isn’t a familiar sound to me. It takes a sound I am quite conversant with and makes it sentimental. The lyrics are so well-written they arouse the right feelings which says a lot about the talented writers behind them. They write to communicate with the listener, an intention they imposingly achieved.

The first song “Pieces” is not a song you want to listen to when you are missing someone. The vividness of the lyrics and the excellent fusion with the instruments will make you feel like pieces of you are indeed falling out as the lyrics say. The song is about that state when someone you love is not around and they describe it as “incomplete.” This strong, deep effect of the lyrics is a powerful factor to note about their music.

A very applaudable factor about “EP 1” is its diversity. It’s quite hard to imagine considering it has just 5 songs, but when you listen to it you will feel the difference in sound of each on the songs. Have you ever listened to an album and every song sounds different in an intriguing way? Rabid Young is here to refresh that feeling.

My favorite song is the second song titled “Not enough.” What I love about it is the drums, the bass and the keyboard. “Not Enough” greatly shows off the diversity in their music. It is a completely different sound from “Pieces” and just as you think maybe it isn’t so different, the chorus comes in to dispute that thought. The sound completely alters and you feel the drums, the bass and Keyboard sink into it for an effect that is extremely gratifying. Then they treat you to 3 more songs titled “Beautiful Things,” “Sometime” and “Memories” and you have a wonderful debut from Rabid Young.