Quincy Jones Rips Taylor Swift and Talks About the Pope’s Pimp Shoes, Heroin in the Testicles and That Time Rashida Jones Beat Up Tupac in One of the Most Iconic Interviews Ever

GQ published a new interview with the eternal Quincy Jones and boy is it ever a doozy. He goes all in on Taylor Swift, brags about his 22 girlfriends, discusses the Pope’s “pimp shoes”, and uses the word “motherfu**er” 89 times. Hold on to your hats boys and girls, here come the highlights:

Taylor Swift

Chris Heath asked the 84-year old for his take on the current state of music, and Jones did not hold back. He loves Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars and Mary J. Blige. But when Heath asked him about mega-start Taylor Swift, Jones blanched.  “We need more songs, man,” he said. “Fucking songs, not hooks.” When reminded that some people think Swift has written more hits than any other current star, Jones remained unimpressed “But they don’t know, man. They don’t know. I’ve come and gone through seven decades of this shit. Seen all that. Seen how that works. Ignorance is no thing.”

Pimp Shoes

Back when Pope Benedict was still on the scene, there was a lot of chatter about his ridiculous ruby slippers. Jones got the chance to meet the Pope while chilling with Bono, and he decided to make it an issue.

“He had on some burgundy wingtips, man, with thin tan rib socks, man. We had to go and kiss his hand before we left. And when I kissed his hand, I looked down and saw those shoes and it just fell out of my mouth. I said, ‘Oh, my man’s got some pimp shoes on.’ And he heard me.”

Sex Life

The sex life of Quincy Jones has always been the subject of rumors and innuendo. Now, the octogenarian explains that he has 22 girlfriends scattered all over the world. 22!

Hell yeah. Everywhere,” Jones said. “Cape Town. Cairo. Stockholm—she’s coming in next week. Brazil—Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, and Rio. Shanghai—got a great girl over there from Shanghai, man. Cairo, whew.”

The women are all much younger and that’s by design. “I got me some technology out there that keep fat and old away from here. Buzzes if they’re too old.” This caused quite a bit of controversy and he tweeted an insincere apology before the article was officially published.

Bubbles the Chimp Attacked Rashida Jones

When discussing Michael Jackson, Jones revealed that the King of Pop’s famous chimp, Bubbles, bit Jones’ daughter Rashida Jones when she was a child. ″…the chimpanzee, whatever the f**k it was, he was a pain in the ass,” Jones said. “He bit Rashida. My poor baby.”


Jones reminisces about his horrifying Chicago childhood, which found then seven-year old Jones catching rats for dinner. His mother would cook them up “With some greens. Fry it, in a frying pan. Just like you do chicken, man. When you’re 7 you can’t tell the difference. Meat is meat. She’d put seasoning in with it. And red beans and rice.”

Ray Charles

While discussing drugs, Jones revealed that Ray Charles had a 30-year heroin habit and he hired a man to shoot him up in the testicles. “I’ve seen him shooting in his testicles, man. Because heroin’s a strange drug. Ray, all of his veins were dried up and black, and he’s shooting himself in the testicles, man.”

Rashida Kicked Tupac’s Ass

Jones talked about the many hits he’s taken for having three white wives. Tupac Shakur once described Jones’ proclivity for white women as “disgusting,” which prompted Rashida to give him a beat down. “Yeah. And my daughter kicked his ass, boy. Rashida, she was in Harvard then: ‘Motherfucker, you wouldn’t be where you are if they hadn’t done what they did.'” Rashida is Jones’ daughter with model Peggy Lipton.