Pug Gets Cute, Pays Homage To Taylor Swift

It’s not often that a dog gets to hold the title of King of Pop Culture, but it’s all in a day’s work for Doug the Pug, who lives and works out of Nashville, TN and has his own Instagram and Snapchat accounts, e-mail and online store.

But still, being the king can get lonely, and slowly but surely, Doug the Pug realized he wanted more than just to dominate a small, niche Internet market: he wanted to be Taylor Swift.  While everybody around him told him to just be content with being the king, Doug the Pug never stopped dreaming.

Well, just like we all learned when we were growing up, sometimes dreams come true, and Doug the Pug is no exception. Last week, the good folks at Mashable decided that they wanted to do whatever they could to turn Doug’s dream into a reality. While literally turning him into Taylor Swift was sadly out of the question, Mashable did the next best thing: they helped him recreate some of Taylor Swift’s most memorable Instagram posts of all time.  Obviously, Doug the Pug accepted, and the pictures are just as delightful as you think they’d be.

Here’s Doug the Pug holding up the cover art for his new album, 1989:


Hiding inside the mouth of his turtleneck, acting coy for the cameras:

Riding on an inflatable swan with his new boyfriend (Doug can take a stand for gay rights too):

Wearing a short skirt and slightly bending over a counter, while managing to maintain an innocent look:

Announcing his badass “Bad Blood” character you definitely wouldn’t want to be caught standing downwind of:

Peeking out of door while wearing a sequined shirt:

Hanging out with his pet cat at home (while Doug’s general rule of thumb is no pussies, for the sake of accuracy he made an exception):

And last but not least, standing on a New York balcony, welcoming us all to explore the big apple that he calls home:

Even if it was just for a day, Doug the Pug got to be Taylor Swift.  Dreams really do come true.