Problem OTC – My Crib

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Problem OTC released a music video to go along with their new song, “My Crib“. This sing-songy hip hop song is a celebration of the young musician’s parents going out of town. Of course he throws a party. Problem OTC consists of Mike Jackson, originally from Chicago, who occasionally refers to himself as “Chi”. Jackson grew up in a single-parent home in a bad neighborhood, and even though he has come a long way since then, his music still deals largely with these kinds of themes. Jackson’s stage name emerged as Problem OTC; his alter ego is partly an outlet for expressing anger and disappointment at life’s very real injustices, and partly for offering solutions. Jackson is a “problem-solver”, and many of his lyrics are aimed at inspiring today’s urban youth populations. Jackson says, “I don’t feel like I can change the world, but If I can help a couple of people listen to my music and really feel it, and relate to it, then I’m cool”. His music offers an authentic view of human experience. He cites Kanye West as a major influence, and is currently on a national tour.

Director: Joel Parks
Director of Photography: Patrick Charles