Prezident Lourajder – Šamlík

The world starts off drawing itself in the video for Prezident Lourajder’s “Šamlík” before a images start to shuffle across the screen.  First, there is the beginning of life, followed by a baby. Then images of people in the world, a space ship being launched into the air, what looks to be a large hospital complex. A skull flashes over that last image for a moment before continuing in that sketchy detail that this video is using. A farm is next, horses running, insects crawling across the screen for a moment before we cut to a shapely woman. After that, the progression of man from apes, all the while with graveyard imagery and skulls flashing periodically for a frame or two. The scenes continue on this way as the artist raps, the images of funerals and death continuing to periodically flash on and off, back and forth, so the message seems to be that no matter how things change, and no matter how people change, death will remain a constant.

Video by Ormos – visual artist/animator based in Prague, Czech Republic
Inaugurácia EP
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