PRAQ – Truth

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The music video for PRAQ’s instrumental song “Truth” begins as a blank canvas, all white, with a dancer face-down on the ground. A lone tenor sax opens the song, and the dancer crawls, twists and twitches her body in time with the syncopated sax notes. She’s dressed in red, white and blue tie-dyed pants with suspenders, and a blue shirt with stars in two lines down her front and back. The camera shifts its vantage point several times, jarring our view, but we don’t see the dancer’s face until she stands up. Then we are introduced to the band – the sax, the bass, and the drums. Each member, in addition to the dancer has a shape painted on one eye. The band has clothing equally as intriguing and as loud as the dancer’s. She continues to dance to the disjointed rhythm of the song, while the bass becomes funkier, the sax even more wild and the drums hold it down, keeping it all together. The canvas remains white and blank, excluding the few times the lights go down, making the background black while shining a spotlight on a specific member of the group.

PRAQ: Guido Spannocchi, July Skone, Aleksandar Zaric
Dance Performance: Nanina Kotlowski
Director and Editor: Hansjoerg Schmoller
Assistant Director: Yvy Rita Borbon
Director of Photography: Thomas Parb2nd
Camera: Rudolf Gottsberger
Assistant Camera: Heinrich Lindmayr
Color Grading: Rudolf Gottsberger
Grip: Bernhard Mayr, Thomas Parb
Make Up: Selma Yakin
Shot at the a&b Film- und Videoproduktion studio
Recording: Christoph Mateka at EKH Vienna/AT
Mixing: Raphael Spannocchi at Fortress Studios London/UK
Mastering: Mischa Janisch at sunshine mastering Vienna/AT