Postino – I Love It

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Electronic music producer from South Korea, Postino, has a music video for the track “I Love It” and it’s hard not to love it. An adorable, blonde, pre-teen girl in a fuzzy furry animal suit, complete with antlers on the hood, and soft fanged teeth surrounding her youthful face, dances and mouths the only lyrics on the song, “I love it,” as she dances her way through the day. Using a child’s plastic toy guitar (bright blue in color), she convincingly acts out playing the lead guitar solo, with rainbow colored music notes shooting off the artificial frets. She is soon joined by a friend – a boy slightly younger than herself, but also in a furry animal suit of a different color, and sporting a plastic, child’s toy keyboard, on which he pretends to play the piano solo on Postino’s track. Together they go to the grocery store and strut their way down the aisles, pointing out the snacks they love, which receive a social media heart animated over them. They eventually gather a following, and everybody winds up on a rooftop, dancing the night away.

Directed by: Will Kindrick
Album: Golden Owl EP
Cinematographer: Lars Lindstrom
Camera Assistant/Production Assistant: Matt Biggs
Production Assistants: Tyler Forester, Tiffani Barth
Location Scouting: Will Kindrick, Matt Biggs, Aaron White
Producer, Editor: Will Kindrick
Costume Builder: Erin Pearce
Choreography: Kelli Erdman
Production Design, Art Direction, Animation, Visual FX: Will Kindrick
Label: Postino Records
Production Company: Mummy Space Island Productions
Starring: Darla Jacobs, Jonas Anthony Rubio
Pavan Ojha: 7-11 Clerk
Caleb White: Runner
Ishmael Delgado: Security Guard
Vinicios Silva: Acrobat
Dancers: Kelli Erdman, Loren Palmer, Becca Guertin, McKenzie Morales, Krischelle Delgado, Oriah Zaguri, Tyrin Baez
Special Thanks: Parker Jacobs, Alaina Pierce, Georgina Rubio, Nate Fackrell, Tony Hello, Matt & Nikki Fackrell
© Mummy Space Island Productions!