Pope Francis: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of the series on Pope Francis. Since there is still so much more to know about the man under the papal robes, here are a few more bits of information.

Number Eight: Pope Francis Chose His Papal Name For A Reason

In Catholicism, Saint Francis is known as a priest who did away with his worldly possessions and decided to live the woods, later founding the Franciscan Order for priests. Pope Francis chose his name to honor the saint and to remind him to always live a humble life.

Number Seven: He Has Had Lung Issues

As a child, Pope Francis had surgery to remove half of his lung after an infection. This has luckily not slowed him down throughout his Papacy.

Number Six: He Is A Lord Of the Rings Fan

Any Pope who admits that he has read The Lord of the Rings is truly a modern Pope. He has said that his favorite characters from the serious are Frodo and Bilbo, calling them hopeful heroes who are called to walk a path in the unfolding drama between good and evil.

Number Five: He Can Appreciate Art

While Pope Francis loves his sports, he also likes art. His favorite piece is one by artist Marc Chagall titled “The White Crucifixion.” He has said he likes the painting because the scene of Jesus’ crucifixion is not cruel but full of hope and shows pain in full serenity.

Number Four: He Has A Favorite Saint

Catholic saints are given special areas of expertise, such as Saint Valentine who is the patron saint of love or Saint Francis de Sales who is the patron saint of writers and journalists. Out of all the saints, Pope Francis calls on Saint Therese of Lisieux and asks her for help whenever he has a problem. Instead of asking her to solve it though, he simply asks that she “take it in her hands and help me accept it.”

Number Three: He Tweets

Pope Benedict was the first Pope on Twitter, but after being elected Pope Francis followed suit. His handle, @Pontifex is one of the most retweeted world leader accounts.

Number Two: He Misses Pizza

A life without pizza is just cruel. The Pope has admitted that he misses going out for pizza on his own. Delivery apparently just does not cut it. Maybe the Vatican should consider opening one for him.

Number One: He Loves A Good Glass Of Wine

Pope Francis may drink wine at mass on a daily basis, but he also knows a good glass of wine when he tastes it. His grandfather was a winemaker back in Italy so he comes by it honestly. Thank you for reading our series on Pope Francis!