Polar Pair – Star

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In Polar Pair’s music video for “Star,” we see a golden planet rotating in the sky. Under its strange glow, a group of children in school uniforms run through a field with a flag. Subtitles pose the question “Are you excited?” to which one of the boys answers “Yes, I guess.” The video cuts to an older man walking down a hall, then back to the kids, with more questions. “How do you think it will end?” “I don’t know. But I can’t wait.” The man then enters an empty room and begins moving rigidly under a beam of sunlight, as a security camera follows his every twitch. The scenes with the children are constantly sprinkled with scenes of the man, who somehow seems directly affected by their playful actions. As the night sets in, the children surround themselves in lanterns and begin the same glitchy dancing. Suddenly, the golden planet is back, pumping in the man’s chest and hanging in front of the kids’ faces. When they each take a bite of the gold, things get beyond freaky for everyone involved.

Music and words by Nadav Ravid and Malkiel Grossman
Vocals – Anat Spiegel
Directed and Produced by Michael Liran and Gali Ganot
Script – Michael Liran and Gali Ganot
Man – Ami Weinberg
Kids – Ben Ashkenazi, Gal Ashkenazi, Raz Gur, Noam Gur
Man Scene – Zamir Nega
Kids – Alon Lutsky, Kobi Amiel
Kids Party – Kobi Amiel, Michael Liran
Camera Assistant – Almog Ganot
Producer Assistant – Vered Aharonovitch, Elad Rahmin, Yael Ravid
Post Production – Michael Liran and Gali Ganot
Art Adviser, Man Scene – Liza Phliosof
Choreography Adviser – Morahn Bash
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