Poets of the Fall’s Carnival of Rust is Far from Rusting

Poets of the Fall Carnival of Rust is Far from RustingPhoto Courtesy of hardrockindiablog.com

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, alternative rock band Poets of the Fall are set to release their new album “Jealous Gods” on September 19th, 2014. They have even created a special countdown to the new single “Daze” and music video that started on July 11th. Each Friday, Poets of the Fall release one of their albums on Spotify in chronological order, starting with “Signs of Life.” In our excited anticipation, FDRMX decided to revisit Finland’s most played song from 2006, “Carnival of Rust.”

“Carnival of Rust” is the title track for the album released in Finland on 22 March 2006. The song opens with the a beautiful and incredibly catchy acoustic guitar riff accompanied by maracas and soft strings. Later follows the effects-driven guitars and boomy drumset, giving the track that classic, dirty sound of alternative rock. The difference between the verses and chorus is astounding, as the group disproves the theory that rock bands don’t know how to play dynamics.

The lyrics are incredible and well written, full of vivid metaphors and poetic structures that do justice to the band’s name. Frontman and lead singer Marko’s vocals have a huge presence as he sings,  “It’s all a game, avoiding failure when true colors will bleed / All in the name of misbehavior and the things we don’t need / I lust for after no disaster can touch us anymore and more than ever I hope to never fall / Where enough is not the same it was before.”

However, typical of many rock songs, the track sounds slightly over-compressed. Of course, if you’re constantly listening to rock bands, you might be accustomed to the way this sounds, and it may in fact add to the classic rock sound of the song overall, but the production is a little overworked.

Listen to “Carnival of Rust” here. Stay updated on the countdown for the release of “Daze” here. Be sure to tune back in for the Encyclopedia of Music’s review of the band’s first single and music video from “Jealous Gods” called, “Daze” on August 22nd, 2014. You can also watch Poets of Fall’s music video for “Can You Hear Me” on FDRMX below. Find out more about their “Jealous Gods” tour on their website here.