Plastic Man – North Polar Land

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From Italy comes garage rock band Plastic Man and their music video titled “North Polar Land.” The psychedelic rock video begins with band member Leonardo Innocenti on the drums. All four walls are covered in white paint, while Innocenti and the other members stand out by wearing black. Bassist Diletta Casanova suddenly appears, wearing a fur coat and hat. Finally, frontman Raffaele Lampronti shows up on the screen and begins singing. It’s snowing Styrofoam as Plastic Man rocks their set. Their music is reminiscent of the ’60’s, mixing retro and modern styles of music to form their own unique brand of garage psych rock. Elements of surf, progressive and acid rock can also be heard. Lampronti’s vocals are fuzzy, Innocenti’s drumming is solid, and the strings produce tremolo. It’s a simple video, and the music is refreshing. Plastic Man was born in 2012 in Florence, Italy. And now, their debut album titled Don’t Look at the Moon has been officially released this month via Black Candy Records.