Plant Plants – One To Adore

This video by Plant Plants is very visually interesting; for “One to Adore”, simple images of the city or band members are taken – playing the guitar or synthesizer, singing, etc – and concentric circles are cut into images. Then, sections of the circle twist and turn back and forth with the beat. It is a very audio-oriented video, but with the techno tones that are prevalent, it seems fitting that the video could be described that way. The kaleidoscope effect is really brilliant, cutting back and forth between scenes by making the center most circle or the outermost circle a different place while the rest stays the same for a moment. Things like that make it really cool to keep watching, just to see what shots are incorporated and how they are broken up next. It is a very creative way to make the images pair up with the techno beats and guitar riffs, and at the same time keep the feel very simplistic and entertaining.

Mixed by Jas Shaw & Plant Plants
Directed by Rob + Rob