Plant Plants – Dust Me Down

Electronica duo Plant Plants latest video for their song “Dust Me Down” is certainly true to its title, as dust is the last thing that it lacks. The crisp visuals are quite literal, featuring a man and a woman in an otherwise empty room, their pale bodies covered in a thin (and sometimes very thick) layer of equally pale powder. The man stands — mouthing the lyrics — above the woman as she lies on the ground, and we’re left to assume from her closed eyes that she’s unconscious. As the man sings the lyrics “dust me down,” her eyelids shoot open, and with each move they make, the powder that cloaks them moves quite beautifully through the space that they share. Much of the well-executed video is slowed down to match the song’s slow, steady progression. As it comes to a close, the woman, cloaked in a sheer blanket of material, begins to levitate in front of the man, rising above the dust below.

Concept + Video by
Produced by Plant Plants & Jas Shaw
(c) This Is Music 2013