Pjoni – Chasm

This video by Pjoni is animated, and we start off in a city with geometric, two dimensional buildings and not much going on. The audio starts off as light and clean, sounding similar to a child’s toy xylophone or something. However, as we rise above the buildings, a sinister bass starts to pickup, and we see what looks like a flying saucer. There is a disconnect that is almost creepy because of the bright, clean, cartoonish drawings, but this underlying noise almost forces you to feel dread, like something is about to happen it just isn’t clear what precisely. When the audio picks up is very disquieting and almost unpleasant, but you can’t help but keep watching because you want to know what it’s building up to. Next, astronauts board a space ship and take off, but it seems to break into pieces and starts to melt. We see the crash site, and the flying saucer from earlier, so it is clear that the two collided, and there are ambulances and fire trucks at the scene. At the end the video flickers violently before suddenly going black, and you are left wondering what happened – and what terrible thing was the story building up to that we didn’t see?

Direction: Jan Šrámek, Martin Búřil
Illustration: Jan Šrámek, Veronika Vlková
Animation: Jan Šrámek, Martin Búřil, Martina Chwistková
Edit: Martin Búřil, 3D: Vilém Novák

Facebook: facebook.com/PJONIMUSIC
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/pjoni