Pia Toscano from ‘American Idol’ Drops New Song

Season 10 American Idol contestant, Pia Toscano, has just released a new EDM single with Jenaux. “Renegades” is available today on Beatport, and it will be featured on Tritonal‘s Tritonia 002 compilation album, which comes out on March 9th. The song will also be available on iTunes on the same day of the album release date. Toscano is currently working on an indie soul project with Jared Lee, which is a far cry from EDM music.

“When I was presented with the opportunity I said ‘I definitely want to try this.’ I listen to EDM all the time, but it was not something that I ever thought was going to be suited for my voice,” Toscano told Billboard magazine. The singer said she co-wrote the single with Lee, after Jenaux sent them the track. Toscano and Lee wrote a song that would fit her vocals on the EDM track, and she believes “Renegades” turned out perfectly. “I am definitely happy that I worked with Jenaux, because I think he is an amazing upcoming artist and DJ. I think he is going to have a huge career,” the singer said.

Toscano is hoping the single does well, and she and Jenaux will be able to gain more exposure on the mainstream level. “It all depends on how this song does. We are really pushing it hard, and maybe we’ll be invited to some festivals. I would love to perform with him,” she stated. The New York native is currently living in Los Angeles, and she has been performing at several LA Kings’ home games.

Toscano even had the big opportunity of performing as a background singer for Jennifer Lopez. “Performing with Jen, she gives you a good mix. She gives you the dance, she gives you ballads, and she is an incredible dancer,” the singer said. Toscano added, “Jen’s stuff is a little bit different than EDM, but it is definitely that uptempo fun kind of stuff, so I got a little taste of it when I started working with her.” Pia Toscano is expected to release her project with Jared Lee some time in the near future. 

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