Photoshop: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Adobe Photoshop is a program which now has a huge cultural impact. So often, people may say that something seems “photoshopped”, which, in that case, often means the picture is not believable to some extent. On the opposite side of the spectrum, sometimes people may be so overwhelmed by the image they see that they may never know it was edited in the program. Here are some facts about Photoshop that you probably didn’t know.

Number Fifteen: The Application Itself Is Much Older Than You’d Think. The original Photoshop application was first formed in 1987 by Tom Knoll, who was a Ph.D. student. However, at the time, it was known as something else.

Number Fourteen: It Wasn’t Always Called Photoshop. The program was originally known as Display. It only demonstrated grayscale images on a black and white display.

Number Thirteen: It Wasn’t Originally an Image Editor. Until Tom’s brother John was introduced to the program, Photoshop – then Display – did not even edit images. When he saw the program, he encouraged his brother to change the program in that direction. Soon enough, the program was changed, and thus, Photoshop was born.

Number Twelve: It Wasn’t Always Owned by Adobe. Two years after its fruition in 1987, Photoshop was bought by Adobe, who then had the means to expand the program: color editing and retouching was available. At the time, it cost $300 dollars, which is super crazy to think about.

Number Eleven: Layering Wasn’t an Available Feature Until 1994. In Photoshop, layers are what allow a designer to add more complexity to an image. It is also a great way to make changes to an image without the fear of messing up. This feature wasn’t available until 1994.

Number Ten: There’s a School for it. For people who want to invest the time to truly learn the program, there is a school for it. The place is known as the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Number Nine: There Have Been 16 Different Versions. Since its birth in the late 80s, the program has seen 16 releases. Each program definitely gets more and more sophisticated. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!