Phil Rudd Comments on Criminal Charges

After many months of being accused of making death threats against one of his employees, Phil Rudd has finally spoken out about his actions during his recent court appearance, where he has pleaded guilty. After owning up to his errors, he stated that “we all make mistakes.”

After his solo album Head Job did not do as well as he would have liked, Rudd fired multiple employees and asked his put a hit out on his personal assistant, offering a great deal of money in exchange for the assistant’s life–apparently, he was pretty “stressed at the time.” He also threatened to kill a contractor and his daughter over the phone, however, these charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence. If these actions weren’t enough, drugs were found in his home during a raid. He then proceeded to plea not guilty to the charges, which he only recently retracted, changing his plea to guilty. Although he has made a number of mistakes, he retained some honor by taking responsibility for his ill actions.

While the former AC/DC drummer is facing the consequences of his unfortunate mistakes, the band is on a world tour with their current drummer, Chris Slade. Rudd misses being on tour and wishes he were on tour as well; “I’m fit and ready to go” he says when asked about his desire of being on tour with the band. He has went to such lengths as writing his former band member, Angus Young, a letter but never received a response, nor has he heard from any of the other band members. “I’m very disappointed” Rudd responds when asked about his long standing history with the band in reference to the group’s lack of response. “That’s life” he remarks after stating his disappointment. Meanwhile, Young states that “he seems to have let himself go,” not believing Rudd to be the man he once was.

Rudd is currently awaiting his sentence at the end of June while his former bandmates are on tour furthering their music careers. In the meantime, he is out on bail enjoying his fortune.

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