Peter Jackson: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Peter Jackson is a solid name in the filming industry due to his film creations. Here are more facts about the man that most people don’t know.

Number Eight: He’s a Fan of World War I

Although this director isn’t particularly a fan of the war per say (large quantities of death aren’t something to be happy about) the man likes the aviation part of it. In fact, he is chair of the 14-18 Aviation Heritage Trust.

Number Seven: Peter Jackson Is a Perfectionist

One thing that makes Peter Jackson quite interesting in the eyes of many is that he is a mixture of perfection and a whimsical nature when he is working. He will shoot from as many angles as he possibly can that he feels is necessary to tell the story.

Number Six: One of His First Presents Was Quite Telling

His love of film was encouraged in the form of a present. Once, a family member gave Peter Jackson an 8mm camera which he used on his spare time to develop his skills.

Number Five: He Is a Father

Despite being quite busy on his films, the man still managed to have a family life. Peter Jackson is the father of two children named Billy and Katie.

Number Four: He Doesn’t Weigh Himself

When the man was interviewed during the Lord of the Rings era, he stated that he doesn’t know his weight. The man doesn’t weigh himself, which is important: weight, after all, is just a number. It certainly doesn’t tell the story.

Number Three: New Zealand’s #1 Director

Peter Jackson is extremely popular in New Zealand, which is also his homeland. It is easy to see how this director would become so popular there.

Number Two: He’s a High School Dropout

Following the trend of many other people in the show business, Peter Jackson dropped out of high school. He said he did it in order to start his career.

Number One: His Wife Really Helped Him

Peter Jackson’s wife Fran Walsh helped him with his career. The woman, a screenwriter, helped him get contacts in the film industry, which really helped him get attention in the long run.