Parenting Tips – How To Protect Your Extravagant Gadgets from Your Clumsy Children

As a parent you may want to give all the happiness of the world to your children, but at the same time you may not allow your little kids to use your phones/laptop because they might throw them on floor or break them.

At times, parenting becomes very difficult and tiring. No parents want to scold their child for materialistic things, but if that thing is expensive then as a parent it is your responsibility to protect them. So, here is how to become a good parent and not let your child become the “destroyer” of your gadgets.

Get a toy – There are lots of plastic toys available in markets which look exactly like a real gadget. These pseudo-phones/laptops look so real that they might even fool an adult. So, next time whenever your child asks for your phone/laptop just handover these fake toys.

Don’t Give Access To your child – We often give our phones and tablets in our children’s hands. However, this act of parents increases expectations of children. So when next time parents don’t allow their children to use their gadgets, they start crying and emotionally blackmailing. So, in order to not let such situation come, keep your gadgets away from your child and use them in front of your child only when it is important.

Use Physical Protection – You might not always be successful in protecting your gadgets from your child. That’s why it is better to be preventive. Here are some tips

  • always use cases and screen protectors for your phones/tablets.
  • there are also cases available for TV remote, use them.
  • put your Wi-Fi router and other gadgets at a height so that your child can’t reach there.
  • Install Software/Apps

  • you can make a separate user account in your PC/Laptop for your child and make your own account password protective. You will not have to worry when your child asks your laptop to play games
  • use parental control add-on/extension on your web browser to stop your child access any adult site.
  • use pattern lock or password in your phone.
  • You should also make apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, calling & messaging icons, and email apps password protective to prevent your child from sending unsolicited messages on your contact list.