Parasite Single – The Hunt

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Parasite Single’s “The Hunt” follows an awkward young woman wearing a set of yellow sweat-pant pajamas and a brightly tacky exercise coat, with large, yellow, square-framed glasses and messy knot of hair on top of her head. She is at first alone on a plastic-wrapped bed in a furniture store, when she suddenly hears electro indie pop sounds of Parasite Single. She finds them around a corner and they appear to be singing to her personally. Unnerved, she leaves the store, to continue her average day. She heads through a tire shop to her desk job, where Parasite Single find her again. After work at the grocery store, they sing and groove for her in the refrigerated section, and even as she waits at the laundromat. They are determined to get The Hunt’s message through to her.

The cinematography expertly directs your attention to what they want you to focus on, using lighting creatively to accent just how bland the main character’s life is, especially compared to the colorful sounds of Parasite Single. In the hair salon, the duo from Germany appear to really be getting under her skin, as she tensely grips the arms of the salon chair. Our awkward girl gets dolled up to go out, and you’ll have to watch for yourself to see if Parasite Single finally reach her or not.  

Written & Performed by Christian Seim & Jasmina Quach (Parasite Single)
Band Manager: Jonas Johne
Single Artwork: Jonas Hasselmann

Starring: Katja Danowski
Crew: Curtisfilm
Director/Editor/Writer: Michael Venus
Producer: Jörg Lassak
D.O.P.: Marius Von Felbert
2nd D.O.P.: Julia Lohmann
Styling: Franziska Grau
Hair & Makeup: Maria Trifu
Production Manager: Carlotta Cornhehl
Styling Assistants: Martha Lange & Ute Herman
First Assistant Camera: Jonas Wache
Steadicam Operator: Thorsten Alt
Sound Recordist: Miguel Murietta Vásquez
Sound Design: Miguel Murieta Vásquez & Christian Seim
Color Grading: Cristian Straub & Marius Von Felbert
Set Photographer: Julia Kneuse

Special Thanks to Everyone Who Supported This Beautiful Project

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