Paramore: ‘Still Into You’ Single Review

A shock came to the fans of American rock band, Paramore, on March 14, 2013, as they released the second single, “Still Into You,” off their fourth studio album, Paramore. While the first single, “Now,” off the album stayed relatively in the same genre as the bands previous work, “Still Into You,” has moved the band more on the side of pop. This shock came to fans as they were neither expecting this new style nor did they expect a change in the style of music. Some fans have stuck with the band and their new choice, while others have decided to stay back with the older Paramore. This song talks about all the wonderful things that happened in a relationship and how, no matter what, she is still into him and that the relationship is going strong.

First off, we see that this relationship has been going on for awhile as she says, “Can’t count the years on one hand / That we’ve been together.” A little while later, she continues to say how this relationship hasn’t been easy for them, but when they are together, it makes everything worthwhile. In the chorus of the song, she highlights the fact that she should be over all the butterflies that he gives her as they have been together for so long; however, she is still into him. She also says that, “Let ’em wonder how we got this far / ‘Cause I don’t really need to wonder at all.” This shows that while the world is standing back and wondering how their relationship has lasted so long, the both of them know the real truth and that they are still into one another.

Within the second verse, it continues to talk about how their relationship went. She tells how after she first met his mother, she told him that she loves him, and then they sang along to the radio to the start of their forever. The rest of the song goes along with the chorus and just tells how even after all this time, she is still into him.

Now many people say that this song is about Paramore’s vocalist Hayley Williams and her long time boyfriend (now fiancé – congratulations to the happy couple), Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory. I would like to agree with those people, but while it gives a look into their relationship, it also gives a look in a relationship that is doing well. The vocals and music, while shocking to some, are wonderfully picked and leveled. This whole song brought out a new vibe for Paramore and introduced their new album, which is available for purchase on iTunes.