:Papercutz – Where Beasts Die

Portugal-based :Papercutz’s music video entitled “Where Beasts Die” is the epitome of beauty and serenity. “Where Beasts Die” begins with an old, but wise woman who puts a blindfold on a beautiful woman all covered with fur. With her eyes completely covered, she walks carefully and gracefully through the foggy woods. She touches nature, familiarizing her surroundings. Then, a man, who is also blindfolded, suddenly appears within her reach. He slowly walks right past her, but they cannot see each other. Yet somehow, the two can sense each other’s presence. It’s as if they are being tested by the elder – a test of love.

The music is ethereal, with acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion. The track goes perfectly well with what is happening on screen. The soft vocals of “I’ll follow you” is sung repeatedly. Even when the two are blindfolded, they’ll follow each other no matter what. In the end, they are in each other’s arms, happy to finally be together. It’s a heartwarming video with eye-catching visuals. Relax and enjoy the beauty that :Papercutz has to offer.

Featuring Eva Quinn, Andrew Mullan and Doreen Franklin
A film by The Night Thief
Director – Andy Berriman
DoP – Henry William Vaughan
Camera Assistant – Andrew Roughan
Costume Designer – Gayle Playford
Stylist – Ree Collins
Mobile Hob/Catering/Stills – Simon Cole
Producers/Editors – John Kirkbride, Andy Berriman
Colour Gradist – Mike Thomas
Wolf shots provided by viddb.com
Costumes provided by Northern Stage
Shot on location at Cod Beck, North Yorkshire, England

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/papercutz/id287390026
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/papercutz
Facebook: facebook.com/PAPERCUTZ.music