Pancakes for Every Occasion

If you love pancakes any time of the day, then I will go out on a limb and say you love eating them as your birthday breakfast, family gatherings, or even as an anniversary brunch.

Since I am a sworn pancake lover, I have found the best and easiest pancake recipes and decided to have at least one or two up my sleeve for the next occasion I, or my family, are to celebrate.

Birthday Pancakes

Is there a better start to a morning than waking up to a tasty breakfast and a cup of hot coffee or tea? If you ask me, NOTHING can beat that. Now, imagine it is your birthday, or your siblings, nieces, and nephews are celebrating theirs… You can make their birthday morning extra special if you follow The Ultimate Guide To Perfect Pancake Recipes | MyGreatRecipes

Among these, there are the Funfetti Pancakes, the Rainbow ones, Oreo Cookie Pancakes, double and triple Chocolate ones etc.

My personal favorite? A combination of the Funfetti and the Rainbow ones. There is something so cheerful about the colorful sprinkles and a colorful stack of pancakes that the fun and joy are guaranteed.

Date/ Anniversary Pancakes

If you want to surprise your loved one or even someone you’ve recently started dating, but you are not quite the best cook, then your solution again comes in the form of a pancake (you can even make them in heart shapes). A red Velvet one, to be more precise. We all know the Red Velvet Cake is a staple of Valentine’s day and Christmas, and these hotcakes are a re-imagination of it and a perfect easy to prepare meal. In the end of the day, we all know that the road to the heart is through the stomach, so preparing some love-seasoned hotcakes can only do good. It won’t be bad if you add some sprinkles and whipped cream on top of these, that way they will resemble the original recipe and you will definitely get some extra points with your significant other!

Family Gathering Pancakes

If you have a family gathering, and even if your family is a large one, there is truly a pancake recipe for every occasion. You can go for the Silver Dollar Pancakes, or some individual puffed ones and serve them with everything from bacon and butter to strawberries and whipped cream, to chocolate and Nutella. Going for single servings is a great alternative for gatherings of this type, but you can also go for large stacks of your favorite hotcakes, and cut them into four pieces so that serving them is convenient.

Who said special occasions can’t be celebrated by preparing a simple meal like pancakes. As long as they are made with love, the outcome is the same: pure happiness and deliciousness in every bite!