Pancake Recipes for Language Geeks

If you are a language geek, the one who visits Grammarly on a daily basis, then maybe I can prompt you to start cooking. Or more precisely, pancaking. You can learn how proverbs, idioms, and expressions can translate into pancake recipes you ask? Well, being the foodie that I am, I can turn literally every conversation to food, and this is the case with common expressions.

Pancakes translated into Proverbs

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is a proverb that we have all heard at least a dozen times in our lives. And now, besides eating fresh apples, you can incorporate them into your pancake batter. Either fold them in or use them as a topping, caramelized are my favorite!

Neither give cherries to pigs nor advice to fools. This is a little less known proverb and it is an Irish one. Now, if you are tired of giving advice in vain, maybe you should try giving it accompanied with a pancake stack with cherries. They will give your pancakes a sweet and tangy taste and will make anyone listen to you J.

Only the man who is not hungry says the coconut has a hard shell. Now we go to the Ethiopian culture, and boy am I hungry when it comes to pancakes. Seriously, nothing can stop you from devouring a whole stack, especially if it is made with coconut milk and some coconut flakes.

While at the topic of Ethiopian proverbs, this last one is connected with coffee. Coffee and love taste best when hot. And I can say that the same goes for pancakes. Plus, you can always enrich the batter with a few drops of your favorite blend, and of course, never miss a chance to eat pancakes accompanied by a cup of hot coffee.

Pancakes Translated into Idioms

Go Bananas

You will definitely go bananas over some banana hotcakes. The best part about pancake recipes that contain bananas is you can skip the flour part altogether and if ripe enough, your bananas can even replace sugar.

Carrot and stick

You won’t need the carrot and stick trick to get your friends and family to eat some carrot pancakes. Especially if they are the carrot cake hotcakes. With all the delicious flavors a carrot cake is known for, these hotcakes will make anyone’s day!

Couch Potato

If you are called a couch potato, then you probably don’t have the time to whip up a batch of pancakes. But, why not prove everyone wrong and prepare some savory potato hotcakes? You will be making a statement and the joke will be on them: Everyone will be crazy for your recipe and nagging you for it!

But, I got you covered even with this. You can tell them to search for recipes on MyGreatRecipes, and their Best American Pancake Recipes – Quick, Easy and Delicious.